Silent Volumes: Kalgoorlie

  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015
  • Silent Volumes Kalgoorlie 2015

About This Project


This project is part of Ausdance WA’s Future Landings program, a biannual production arm of the Regional Program. Find out more about Future Landings.

Directed and Choreographed by Pare Randall
Presented in partnership with Artgold

Silent Volumes was a 2015 dance production created to entice audiences into a sensory exploration of the physical and metaphysical experience of existence. It tackled the complex question of ‘belonging’: How do we transform a new country from the unfamiliar into a place we ‘belong’ to? And how do we carry our heritage with us as we come to call this new place ‘home’.

Silent Volumes was Maori dance artist Pare Randall’s first full-length production using un-trained bodies. Kalgoorlie is a city in the West Australian Goldfields and boasts a large population of mobile workers arriving from all corners of the world. With the support of Wangatha elders Garry Cooper and Jocie Boyle, Pare was keen to take her community on a shared journey into a deeper understanding of this land.

Through a workshop series Pare created processes for people to listen in to the land and buildings around them, as well as their own internal and cultural landscapes. Working with sound-artist Jonathan Mustard, these sounds were drawn out of the participants, recorded and woven to become not only a riveting sound score but also the base from which the choreography and the story of Silent Volumes grew.

The work was, at once, both intensely personal and globally relevant.

Floating paper bark, red dirt and the haunting sound of didgeridoo brought the audience immediately to know the production as the Goldfields. In this landscape the seven dancers struggle to breathe, to stand, to balance in this unfamiliar place. Following a poetic response to silence and listening, written and read by elder Aunty Jocie ‘Wowolla’ Boyle, the dancers found their way into the red dirt, to dance new stories through the floating dust.

‘Belonging’ is a global question for us all to grapple with as our populations shift and move to new places seeking new experiences, or wealth, or happiness. This work encouraged the audience to stop and listen with respect when arriving in new communities, to find a way to ‘know’ and thereby ‘respect’ a place and a people and through this find a sense of ‘belonging’.

Silent Volumes tackled these complex concepts with beauty, honesty and depth, delivering to the people of Kalgoorlie a mirror from which to see themselves anew and find peace.

Artistic Team

Pare Randall – Choreographer/Director

Pare is originally from Auckland New Zealand and moved to Kalgoorlie in January 2011 with her family. Her career achievements began in a Televised Maori dance aerobic program called Maraerobics. At the age of 19 she studied dance at East Auckland Performing Arts from where she graduated with Diploma in Dance & Theatre Arts and a Teachers Certificate in Modern Dance. Pare’s love for movement and dance continued at Unitec, leaving with a Degree in Performing and Screen Arts (Contemporary Dance Major 2008).

Pare worked with Atamira Dance Company and began teaching dance at Expression Dance School. During her years of dancing, Pare has participated in dance festivals, music videos, full body art modelling & performing.

In Kalgoorlie she has been involved in community projects – Multicultural Festivals, The Goldfields Rep Club, Maori traditional performance for Anzac Day 2013, choreographer & dancer for 2 World Title Boxing matches.

In 2012 Pare was invited to perform for the Strutathon Dance Marathon in Perth. In 2014 she travelled to Fiji as a residency artist to collaborate with Vou dance and the wider community. Pare is currently involved in Virtual Dust – a collective of artists (choreographers and writers), living in regional Western Australia, utilising cyberspace to choreograph in their respective towns.

Pare endeavours to continue her love for Maori contemporary dance art in fusion with other cultures and creating greater opportunities with other artist to expand this creative licence in movement.

Claudia Alessi – Mentor

Claudia comes from a diverse dance background interwoven with acrobatics, aerial work, physical theatre, puppetry and film. She lectures at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where she continues to choreograph for both the Dance & Musical Theatre Department. She’s choreographed, conducted master classes, directed and produced for various high schools, Theatre Companies, PIAF and various events throughout Australia. Some of these include: Associate Producer: Crossfire in Artrage, Director of STEPS Youth Dance Company & facilitator/choreographer for Theatre for Young People. She’s also facilitated Freo Shuffle, and was Artistic Director of the Australian Youth Dance Festival ’09, which was nominated for an Australian Dance Award for “services to youth and community”.

She has choreographed and been rehearsal director for Buzz Dance Theatre, movement director and choreographer for Barking Gecko, Black Swan State Theatre, HotBed Ensemble, Melbourne Theatre Co, and for Yirri Yaakin Aboriginal Theatre Inc in PIAF season 2011.

Over the past 25 years she’s performed and toured nationally and internationally with dance and theatre companies including: Chrissie Parrott Dance Company, Skadada, Sydney Theatre Company, West Australian Opera, Thwack Dance Company, Co Loaded, Legs On The Wall, Steamworks Arts Prod, and Black Swan State Theatre. Claudia has also worked with French Street Theatre Company Plasticien Volants working extensively with them for almost 2 years devising and performing work.

As a dance independent Claudia has produced and performed solo works. She has been nominated three times and one time winner of ‘Most Outstanding Female Performer’ for the Australian Dance Awards.

Claudia has served as a member of the Dance Board for the Australia Council ’07-’10 and is Co Vice President for Ausdance National. She continues to be a dance advocate, educator from universities to remote communities, choreographer and creator.

Project Team

Pare Randall: Director/Choreographer
Claudia Alessi: Mentor dance artist
Owen Hinton: Project Coordinator & Production Manager
Gary Cooper & Jocie Boyle:  Cultural Advisors
Jonathan Mustard:  Composer and Projection Artist
Angela Sutherland: Makeup Artist
Georgia Foulkes-Taylor: Costume Design
Tracey Paekau: Set Designer

Photos by Casey Anaru-Burnett and Clair Stanton featuring Pare Randall, Indigo Fraser, Debbie Short, Stanton Tumai, Rian Burchett and Polly Randall

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Future Landings 2015