About This Project

Additional resources of interest to teachers available from Ausdance WA and our partners.

Dance Knowledge

Dance Knowledge was formed to connect the dance profession with the wealth of knowledge that is now available to help dancers improve their training. Dr Luke Hopper and Dr Shona Erskine work to translate research into easy-to-understand formats that can be viewed at any time and taken straight to the studio with online, on demand CPD courses made for Dance Teachers. Videos range from 1-3 hours in length, and offer a range of topics, which are added to regularly. 

Topics include:

  • Creativity and Choreography NEW
  • What is Biomechanics?
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Balance in Dance
  • How dancers’ muscles work
  • Perfectionism in Dance – Introduction
  • Accessing Academic Research
  • Encouraging boys and young men in dance
  • Sprung dance floors
  • How perfectionism is learnt and reinforced in dance

Ausdance WA has partnered with Dance Knowledge to offer our members a 25% discount to all courses. Contact to receive your member discount.


Online Skill Set – Ausdance Victoria

In 2009, Ausdance Victoria developed a Skill Set for Dance Teaching that met the needs of the Australian Dance Sector. This was delivered in Western Australia until 2014 by James Berlyn. Between 2015 and 2017, a supplementary practical training workshop was offered in Western Australia to allow for the development of the online course in Victoria.

The first online delivery of the CUASS00015 Dance Teacher Skill Set was piloted in 2017.

The Dance Teaching skill set may be completed over a three or six month period and will feature a range of delivery methods including classroom-based training, practical demonstration, online delivery and group discussions.

For more information about the course and the 2018 delivery dates, visit


Maths through Movement Lesson Plans – Creative Moves WA

Ausdance WA has partnered with Creative Moves WA to develop a series of Lesson Plans that integrate dance and mathematics for the West Australian Curriculum. The focus has been to provide generalist primary school teachers who have no dance experience with the opportunity to deliver dance in their classrooms as purposefully connected curriculum, encouraging whole body learning and making connections between movement and mathematics concepts. Currently for Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 levels, these Lesson Plans are now available to purchase from the Ausdance WA website at

School incursions and creative consultancy are also available. For further information visit

Maths through Movement is an Ausdance WA partnership project with Creative Moves WA.


Choreographic Template for OSC – Bernadette Lewis

Ausdance WA has partnered with Bernadette Lewis who has developed a choreographic template that informs the creative process for the Original Solo Composition within the Year 12 ATAR practical course. The template offers a step-by-step guide of suggested discussions, tasks and tips that will assist with developing choreographic intent, structure, music, content and shaping a rehearsal process. While the resource is available for purchase online, the template should ideally be used alongside an incursion workshop delivered by Bernadette. Coming soon: Purchase the template from the Ausdance WA website at

To book a school incursion for your Year 11 or 12 ATAR students in reference to their OSC, please contact Bernadette via email


ATAR Written Exam Resources

In 2018 Ausdance WA will initiate the process of accessing exam responses to provide secondary teachers with a benchmark of high-quality exam response examples. We will also commission the writing of practice exam papers for exam preparation in consultation with SCSA. These resources will be available for purchase through our website.

Stay tuned.


Safe Dance IV Report

Ausdance National initiated a research survey to investigate injuries in Australia’s professional dancers. This is a continuation of the important work started by Ausdance National almost thirty years ago, aiming to better understand the occurrence and prevention of injuries in dance. The updated Safe Dance IV Report was released late in 2017, and is available for teachers to review via the Ausdance National website.

Additional resources, factsheets and guidelines are available from the Ausdance National website and have been compiled with over forty years of research, consultation and experience, covering areas such as professional business practice, child safety, effective dance teaching methods and insurance information. Visit to view.


More Ausdance National Publications

The Ausdance National website hosts dance publications and articles that profiles the work of dance researchers, performers, choreographers and writers. You’ll find brilliant articles that challenge and inspire, and factsheets full of practical suggestions and useful contacts. You can share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or keep your own collection in your favourites. Visit


Human Kinetics Publications

Human Kinetics offer Ausdance WA members a 30% discount on most books.

Recent publications include Dancer Wellness, created by the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science and offering guidance on the foundations, mental components, and physical aspects of dancer wellness and Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre for conditioning exercises.

Once a member, visit for more information.


Oral History of Western Australian Dance

An important resource for bringing students up to speed with local dance history, the Oral History of Western Australian Dance collates and records stories from significant West Australian dance artists and collaborators to preserve for the future. This project builds on a previous research project, which is kept at the Battye Library.

With the support of Lotterywest, the Oral History research was conducted and collated by Varyna Bromilow, with the invaluable support and advice of Lynn Fisher and Joan Pope OAM. Interviewees include Joan Pope, David Hough, Rita Clarke, Maggi Phillips, Sue Peacock and many more.

Recordings are available on our website at and DVDs of this project are available by contacting Ausdance WA.