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About This Project

Ausdance WA is committed to providing professional learning and resources to teachers of dance across genres and contexts.

With the School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s release of the 2018 Set Solo for the Year 12 Dance ATAR course and the roll out of The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline – The Arts – of which Dance is a subject from Pre-primary to Year 10 (reporting from Semester 1, 2018), we have planned a significant program of teacher professional learning opportunities and resources. The program aims to ensure that teachers are well equipped to deliver best practice dance teaching for students and participants in primary and secondary schools, in studios, and in community and social contexts. 

See also: Dance for Parkinson’s Teacher Training and Curriculum Support Opportunities.


Hot House Company’s Teacher PD Countertechnique and Choreographic Processes

Time and date: 1.00pm – 5.00pm, Wednesday 7 March 2018

Venue: Dance Studio, All Saints’ College, Ewing Avenue, Bull Creek

Cost: $100 per participant

Expressions of Interest:

Recommended for: Years 7-12 secondary teachers, independent contemporary dance teachers

Hot House Company presents a four-hour PD led by Chunky Move’s Niharika Senapati, offering teachers the chance to experience Countertechnique through practical exercises as well as sharing the theoretical information and language of Countertechnique.

The workshop will migrate to exploring different ways to engage with process through improvisation and choreographic tasks.

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Dance Teacher Toolkit

Time and date: 9.00am – 2.00pm Thursday 7 June

9.00am – 2.00pm Friday 8 June

10.00am – 3.00pm Sunday 10 June

Venue: Studio 1, King Street Arts Centre, Perth

Cost: $252 Members, $360 Non-members (inc GST)

Bring a colleague – both receive discounted price of $220 (inc GST)

Places are limited to provide the optimal learning environment.

Registrations close and $100 deposit payment due: Friday 27 April 2018

Registration: Coming soon

Recommended for: Studio, recreational and social dance teachers/studio owners

How do you know if you are offering your students a safe and positive environment for learning?

Are you concerned about your legal or ethical responsibilities as a dance teacher or studio owner?

Do you want to review your teaching methods and increase your teaching knowledge?

Ausdance WA is committed to providing high-quality dance education and professional learning opportunities for dance teachers. In 2018 we will offer the first of a new series of workshops that focus on best practice and reference Ausdance National guidelines with a practical approach. As a participant, you will review the current dance educator’s environment, exploring the requirements and challenges of teachers working in studio, recreational and social dance contexts.

Developed with and delivered by James Berlyn, this three-day workshop offers practical activities and exercises that primarily examine the relationships involved in a dance business by role-playing examples and discussing solutions to frequent issues and challenges. The content draws from over forty years of research, consultation and experience and will reference the newly released Safe Dance IV report as well as factsheets and guidelines from Ausdance National.

Each workshop will have a different focus, but at the core of the workshop is an emphasis on pedagogy and an opportunity to reflect on your own teaching practice in a supportive, professional environment.

At a glance:

Before: 4 hours pre-reading and research

During: 12 hours contact time across 3 days, not including breaks

At conclusion: You will have reviewed your own teaching approach, methods and environment, and completed an ethics and behaviour checklist, audit and database within your own context

Bonus: Enrolment in the Dance Teachers’ Toolkit will also give you a FREE one-month subscription to ALL the courses available at Dance Knowledge.





Regional Teachers Support – Dance in Country Week

Time and date: 25 – 29 June 2018

Venue: King Street Arts Centre, Perth

Cost: Free for teachers attending Dance in Country Week with students

Dance in Country Week is an opportunity for professional learning for dance teachers based in regional Western Australia. Teachers accompanying groups to Dance in Country week can participate in the program, which includes warm up and technique classes, workshops in contemporary technique, choreography and two cultural dance forms presented by professional dance artists and teachers. In addition, specific professional learning sessions are scheduled for teachers.

The Country Week Dance experience is definitely one not to be missed – and that goes for both students and teachers! The week is full on learning. Teachers have the opportunity to network, share ideas and gain valuable support for their classroom teaching and learning programmes. Dance in Country Week rocks!

Teacher 2017

Regional Teachers Support is presented as part of Dance in Country Week, supported by Act-Belong-Commit for Healthway and School Sport WA.





TeachMe at MoveMe Festival 2018

Time and date: 9.00am – 2.30pm, Friday 7 September 2018

Venue: State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, Perth

Cost: $98 Members, $140 Non-Members (GST inc)

Registration: Coming soon

Recommended for: School and studio teachers

Ausdance WA will present the biennial contemporary dance festival MoveMe again in 2018. Together with the companies and artists involved in MoveMe 2018, Ausdance WA will present a day of workshops for teachers of dance. The TeachMe workshops will provide teachers with firsthand insights into the MoveMe Festival main events – new independent, local and national contemporary dance performances.

Each workshop will unpack the creative process and deliver practical activities that relate to the programmed work. TeachMe has been scheduled two weeks prior to the MoveMe Festival to allow time for teachers to take this information back to their students before attending the performances.



Inclusive Dance Workshop

Time and date: 10.00am – 1.00pm, Sunday 7 October 2018

Venue: Studio 3, Level 2, King Street Arts Centre, Perth

Cost: $52.50 Members, $75 Non-Members (GST inc)

Registration: Coming soon

Recommended for: All teachers

When dance is created by a diverse group of performers, a common language is developed which can be unifying and equalising. Developing a space for social inclusiveness that supports a shared experience of dance, can be transformational, embedded with purpose and meaning.

This workshop, led by Paige Gordon (director of TRACKSUIT, an initiative of DADAA), explores ways of creating dance of diversity and with all abilities. The workshop group will investigate structure in rehearsals, improvisation activities, themes and the use of props, as well as options during performance.


STRUT Dance Taster Workshops

Time and date: 9:30am – 1.00pm

Saturday 17 February 2018

Venue: Studio 3, Level 2, King Street Arts Centre, Perth

Cost: $40

Expressions of interest:

Recommended for: Teachers with a strong contemporary background

Each year STRUT Dance presents a dynamic range of Master Workshops to support the choreographic and skills development of Australian dance artists. The workshops are led by a range of specially invited international, national and local guest artists, demonstrating excellence in choreography.

In 2018, STRUT Dance will present Taster Workshops alongside their Master Workshops to allow those who are unable to attend the full workshop access and insight into the process and methodologies of the artist. The first will be with Maxine Doyle, choreographer with Punchdrunk, UK, and will include a professional class and bespoke workshop for dancers, actors and physical theatre performers.

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