The Creation of Now: Denmark

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This project is part of Ausdance WA’s Future Landings program, a biannual production arm of the Regional Program. Find out more about Future Landings.

Directed and Choreographed by Annette Carmichael
Presented in partnership with the Denmark Chamber of Commerce



The Creation of Now was the most ambitious community performance undertaken by Denmark choreographer Annette Carmichael. Annette has spent the last eight years devising and directing multi-arts performance projects with communities in the Great Southern. In this, her latest work, Annette once again created a performance that eschewed traditional stage constructs and assumed that audiences are creative and intelligent.

Working with the dynamic creative community of Denmark, Annette wove story, dance, sound, projection and installation into an immersive set. She created a work that the audience entered into and engaged with as an experience, one that was more akin to a magical journey. The Creation of Now required audiences to interpret and creatively engage in order to imbue the material moving around them with meaning. In this work the audience was invited on a journey to find the elusive NOW.

Working with over 100 community participants, Annette guided the creation of a whole new world. The performance happened inside a set constructed from 360 eggs, live plants, and featuring haunting compositions by local violin students under the direction of musician Jude Iddison.

The Creation of Now was a contemporary dance production devised with the children and adults of Denmark. In this project a new fantastical world was drawn from the imaginative explorations of participants. It debated concepts of time, ‘now’, and the action of our creative minds to interpret what happens around us.

This project aimed to inspire people to see anew the places in which they live. Inside this process participants overcame challenges, acquired new skills, bravely travelled into new experiences and shared stories.

Artistic Team

Annette Carmichael – Choreographer/Director

Annette is an Australian dance artist and creative producer who specialises in regional cultural development. Between 2009 – 2013 Annette was the State’s Regional Contemporary Dance Facilitator for Ausdance WA creating the ground-breaking ‘Future Landings’ model for animating regional communities through dance.

Annette is regularly invited to speak at conferences throughout Australia and in 2012 her work was featured in the British publication Animated. Annette won the 2011 West Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community/Regional Dance and was shortlisted twice in 2013.

Annette has created numerous multi-art performance works that use contemporary dance at their core but also include theatre, writing, textiles and installation. She is particularly known for working with regional communities to create works that investigate contemporary people’s connections with Australian history particularly in the areas of solastalgia, settler guilt and ‘unspoken’ stories. Annette often works with Indigenous artists.

With the communities of the Great Southern Annette has Directed four large scale productions. In 2014 Annette performed Solace+Yearning at the Regional Arts Australia Arts&Edges national conference. In 2014 she was commissioned by Ausdance WA to create The Creation of Now and in 2015 commissioned by The Perth Festival to Direct The Snake Run as a part of the Great Southern Festival Program.

Sandi Woo – Mentor

Sandi Woo is an independent producer of community arts projects who moved to Broome nearly four years ago. In 2011/12 she conceived, developed and delivered a youth hip-hop project titled YouTube Me Dance. Sandi has been working for Marrugeku, as their Company Manager. In 2013 she choreographed and directed her first full-length community work titled Because of You… in Broome for AusdanceWA’s Future Landings. In 2013 Sandi won a WA Dance Award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Regional/Community Dance’ for YouTube Me Dance.

Sandi has taught, performed and/or choreographed for WA Academy of Performing Arts, Steps Youth Dance Company (Perth), Celebrate WA, Jebediah, Festival of Perth, Quantum Leap Youth Choreographic Ensemble (Canberra), Australian Youth Dance Festival, AusdanceWA, AusdanceACT, Popstars, Barron Television, Perth Wildcats, Fremantle Dockers, the Western Reds and various high schools in Perth.

Sandi currently lives and works in Brisbane

Project Team

Annette Carmichael: Director / Choreographer

Linda Bradbury: Word Wrangler

Jude Iddison: Music Director / Composer

Margriet Walker: Animator

Janine McCrum & Frank Freitag: Set Design

James Gentle:  Sound Artist

Antar Ridell: Rehearsal Director

Sandi Woo: Mentor

Anna Boaden: Coordinator

Photos by Nic Duncan featuring Michael Collins, Jasmine Heslop, Ellen McDougall and Nicola Duncan 

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