Australian Curriculum: the Arts

Nationally, Ausdance is campaigning for Dance to be part of every child’s education.

With the arts now part of the Australian Curriculum, we are promoting dance as a key art form alongside music, visual arts, drama and media arts. We believe dance should have equal status in the learning environment to other art forms, from early childhood through to the final years of schooling.

With a new Australian Curriculum now a reality—and the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) given the brief to develop it— Ausdance National with full support from all state bodies have been making the case for dance to be resourced as a subject area in its own right.We are achieving this though our advocacy work with the National Advocates for Arts Education. Keep up to date with recent developments to the curriculum review via Ausdance National.

Australian Curriculum development is currently under review by the Federal government. In October 2014, a report was released.To remain informed of new developments in the gradual establishment of the Australian Curriculum: the Arts in Western Australia, Ausdance WA liaises with the National Advocates for Arts Education, the NAAE. NAAE members include:

  • Australian Dance Council –Ausdance, Art Education Australia
  • Australian Society for Music Education
  • Australian Teachers of Media, Drama Australia
  • Music Council of Australia
  • National Association for the Visual Arts

Here in Western Australia, Ausdance WA remains willing and able to discuss strategies to support implementation of the Arts curriculum, with particular focus on supporting teachers and providing pathways for professional artists to engage with schools. We meet with representatives from the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority and other relevant organisations and government departments to remain aware of the interests and concerns of the sector.

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