King Street Arts Centre studios are now managed by Perth Theatre Trust.

Perth Theatre Trust will launch a new booking system shortly. In the interim bookings can be made as per the information on this page. Further details on the studio management changes are available here.

Please contact Luke Donohue at Perth Theatre Trust for all Studio Enquiries going forward:

Luke Donohoe
Venue Officer – Perth Theatre Trust
P 08 9265 0919
M 0466 439 326

Studios 1 and 2 are 14 x 11 metres and Studio 3 is 14 x 14 metres.

All studios feature high ceilings, sprung wooden floors, stereos with iPod facilities, evaporative cooling and gas heating. Toilets are located adjacent to the studios. Access to showers is available on request. Kitchen facilities and Green Room (rest room – not to be used for dancing) are also available.

Studios 1 and 3 have portable mirrors. Studio 2 has barres, mirrors, tarkett, and a piano (fee applies for use of piano).

Booking Procedure

Booking Procedure

  • Bookings are now to be made through the Culture and the Arts (WA) Online Bookings System. Credit Card payment is required.
  • Bookings can no longer be made over the phone or via email. They must be made in the online system.
  • Bookings are currently on a quarterly basis.
  • If you are an Ausdance WA member contact to receive the member discount code.
  • General enquiries and assistance using the online system should be directed to Ausdance WA: P. 08) 9322 6101 E.
  • Technical issues only should be directed to Property at Culture and the Arts (WA): P. 08) 6552 7000 E.


How to use the Online Booking System

Bookings are made online through Culture and the Arts (WA), a division of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industry.

Please note that your bookings are NOT secure until payment is processed. They will not be held in the system if you do not complete the entire booking and payment process. You must click on the “Pay Now” button (shown but not completed in the video below) and wait for a confirmation page.

Please remember that bookings are in 2-hour blocks, so if you normally have a 4-hour booking you will need to make two consecutive 2-hour bookings.

Optional Extras: The mirrors and barres are shown as optional extras but are provided at no charge and do not need to be booked. They remain in the studios and will be removed from the booking system soon. If you hire the rostra or Tarkett, please note that you must arrange set up/pack down yourself, we only supply the equipment.

The video below shows the booking process. 

You can access the Studio Bookings page here. To check available dates and times first, click “Book Now” next to your preferred studio. Select dates, check availability and select available times to book using the calendar and drop down menu on the right-hand side of each studio’s page.

After you select an available time, click the “Book Now” button below it and you will be taken to the checkout page. Don’t checkout until you have added all your bookings! You can click on the “Make another booking” button at the top of the page to continue booking additional studio times.

If you want to book the rostra or Tarkett as an optional extra, please select it and click the “Confirm” button at the bottom of the page (this was skipped in the video).

Finish adding all your bookings before entering a voucher code (such as an Ausdance WA member discount code), and before filling out your details and completing the payment process (checking out).

Though not shown in the video, a correct voucher code will automatically adjust your total and you must click on the “Pay Now” button shown. Once your payment is processed, you will be taken to a confirmation page. You will also receive an email confirmation and receipt for your bookings.



Studio Hire Rates

The following rates will apply for bookings made to 30 June 2018 inclusive. The member discount code is available from our Members Only Area. Bookings are currently open until the end of March 2018 and will be open until the end of June with the launch of the new booking system by Perth Theatre Trust.

The new Studio Hire Rates Card for bookings for 1 July 2018 onwards will be announced in March. No information on future hire rates is available from Ausdance WA or Perth Theatre Trust until that announcement.

Studio hire rates as of October 1st 2016:

Current Ausdance WA Members: $22 per 2-hour block.

Non-Members/Commercial Hirers: $132 per 2-hour block.

All rates inclusive of GST. Hire rates are subject to review by the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries.

Studio Schedule

This is a schedule of bookings only, updated weekly. Please visit the CAWA’s Online Booking System to make a booking.

Booking(s) Cancellation/Swap Request Form

3 days (72 hours) minimum noticed is required for a studio booking cancellation request. The Property office at Culture and the Arts (WA) will cancel your booking as soon as possible, however, refunds are batch-processed at the beginning of the following month.

Please enter contact details and details of the booking(s) to be cancelled below. Contact must be the same as original booking.

There is now a limited option to have your credit swapped* to a new studio booking provided your full credit can be applied. This means:

You must select to swap all your cancelled bookings so the Property office at Culture and the Arts (WA) can transfer all your credit, as under Consumer Law they cannot issue a partial refund.

If you do not wish to swap your cancelled bookings to new times then a full cancellation and refund will be processed by the Property office at Culture and the Arts (WA) and you will be notified and instructed to re-book the times you wish to retain through the Booking System yourself.

*Please check availability here before requesting a swap and understand that there may be a time delay before the Property office at Culture and the Arts (WA) can secure it, so the swap is not guaranteed. If you urgently need the new booking, do not request a swap and book it now with a new payment.

Your booking Order Number is available in your booking confirmation email. All bookings on an Order Number must be cancelled at once, so if you have bookings to be RETAINED that are on the same Order Number as a cancellation, please indicate in the lower part of the form and ensure you have selected available swaps for the bookings you wish to cancel.

Studio Booking Cancellation/Swap Request

  • Booking Order NumberDate of Booking dd/mm/yyTime e.g. 5pm - 7pmStudio NumberPromo Code used, if anySWAP TO: Date*SWAP TO: Time*SWAP TO: Studio* 
    Add a new row
    Only include one 2-hour booking per row. Click the "+" sign to add another row. If no Promo Code was used, and/or no swap is requested please input "None". If you do not select to swap then all your bookings on the same order number must be cancelled, including those you may wish to retain, as the DCA cannot issue partial refunds.
  • Booking Order NumberDate of Booking dd/mm/yyTime e.g. 5pm - 7pmStudio NumberPromo Code used, if any 
    Add a new row
    The DCA has indicated that they must cancel all bookings on an Order Number at the same time. Please indicate any bookings on Order Numbers listed above that you would like to RETAIN, and the DCA will use your credit to re-create them. As the DCA can cannot issue a partial refund, this option is only available if you have selected available swaps for all your cancelled bookings above.
Studio Guidelines

Studio Bookings & Hire Fees

  • Studio Hirers must pay in advance in order to secure their scheduled studio time.
  • Booking and payment can be made by credit card through the DLGSC Culture and the Arts (WA) website here.
  • Ausdance WA cannot make bookings on a hirer’s behalf.
  • 72 hours notice is required for cancellations, i.e. a hirer cannot cancel a booking less than 72 hours before the booking start time. Please use the Booking(s) Cancellation/Swap Request form on the Ausdance WA Studios page.
  • Evening hirers must vacate the building at 9 pm without exception. Hirers remaining in the building unauthorised after 9 pm will be subject to additional charges at the full commercial rate and any related security guard fees. (See also: ‘Security’.)

Priority Access

  • Resident dance organisations have priority access to studio space at the King Street Arts Centre. In the event that a resident dance organisation requires additional studio space then a confirmed booking (by a non-resident regular hirer) may be cancelled or rescheduled. Hirer to be given at least seven days notice but where possible 1-month’s notice will be given.
  • Following KSAC tenants, regular hirers who have registered in advance will be given next priority to book. Following this, bookings will be opened to casual hirers.

Insurance and Licences

  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that they have adequate insurance such as personal accident, general property and public liability.
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that they have the appropriate music licences [APRA and PPCA].
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that if they are working with children that they hold a current Working With Children Check.
  • Ausdance WA does not accept any liability for monies collected and or held at the premises or any loss or damage to equipment or personal effects of the hirers and their associates.

Care of Studio and Equipment

  • The hirer is responsible for all equipment (including keys/security cards, furniture, fittings, walls and floors) during the hire period.
  • No masking tape, gaffer tape, posters etc are to be taped to the floors or walls without prior approval from Ausdance WA.
  • The hirer must obtain prior approval from Ausdance WA before bringing in any rostra, hardware, lighting equipment, chairs etc onto the premises.
  • All property and equipment brought onto the premises by the hirer must be removed from the premises immediately after the final day of hire. Ausdance may dispose of any property not removed by the hirer at the cost of the hirer.
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that windows are closed, chairs are stacked, furniture is returned, air conditioning is off, stereo systems are off, lights are off, the studio door is locked and keys/security card are returned.
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that they leave the premises clean and tidy at the conclusion of their hire. Cleaners are only employed to empty bins and for weekly floor cleans. All hirers must remove or place in bins all rubbish and clean up any other incidental mess (please note that no food or drink except water is to be consumed in the studios).
  • A minimum $50.00 fee will be charged should a security card(s) need to be replaced due to loss or damage by hirers.

Damage to premises and equipment

  • Excepting fair wear and tear, the hirer shall be liable to Ausdance WA for any fair damage to premises, fittings, equipment, furniture or other property therein which occurs during the period of hire.
  • If necessary Ausdance WA will employ, at the complete expense of the hirer, professional services such as cleaning or repairs to restore the premises to a satisfactory condition.
  • The studios are not available for tap dance, clogging, boot scooting and other dance activity, which involves hard soled percussive footwork that may damage the studio floor surface and/or cause discomfort (noise levels) to other tenants.
  • No high heels or hard soled shoes at all are permitted in Studio 2. Damage to the Studio 2 tarkett will be charged to the hirer responsible.


  • The hirer shall not use Ausdance WA in its promotional material without written permission.
  • The hirer shall not promote classes or workshops located within the King Street Arts Centre prior to receiving confirmation of their booking by Ausdance WA.
  • The hirer shall not display any poster or advertisement within the King Street Arts Centre without the approval from Ausdance WA or the building manager. One poster per hirer.


  • Any losses incurred by Ausdance WA or other King Street Arts Tenants as a result of negligence in security by the hirer will be charged in full to the hirer.
  • If security personnel are called in after hours to secure the building and the hirer is deemed to be at fault then a call out fee will be charged to the hirer.
  • For security reasons, the Munster Lane entrance is not available on weekends or after 5.00pm on weekdays. All entry at these times must be via Murray Street.
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that windows are closed, chairs are stacked, furniture is returned, air conditioning is off, stereo systems are off, lights are off, the studio door is locked and keys/security cards are returned.

Observance of Laws

  • The hirer shall comply with the provisions of all acts and regulations applicable to the hirer, including the Health act, the Local Government Act and any regulations made there under and shall indemnify and keep indemnified Ausdance WA against all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred as a result of the hirer’s breach of any such Act, By-law, Statutes or regulations.

Liquor and Refreshments

  • The hirer shall not bring or sell liquor, beverage, food or refreshments on any part of the premises hired unless specifically approved by Ausdance WA and the appropriate licences obtained.
  • No food or drinks (except water) is permitted in the studio. These are only to be consumed in the Green Room.
  • WATER is the only beverage to be consumed in the studio.
  • The King Street Arts Centre is a non-smoking venue.

Application of the Studio Guidelines

  • Ausdance WA reserves the right to amend or delete any of the conditions of hire as outlined above or to add extra conditions provided the hirer is notified prior to confirmation of the booking of any changes made to the conditions. The application of the various conditions may therefore vary from hirer to hirer, as Ausdance WA in its sole opinion considers necessary.
  • Any disputes between the hirer and Ausdance WA arising from or in relation to the hiring of premises as outlined in the Studio Guidelines may be referred to by either party to the Culture and the Arts (WA) at the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries, who may appoint an independent arbiter of their choice for determination and whose decision shall be binding on all such parties.

Breach of Studio Guidelines

  • In the event that the studio guidelines are not followed Ausdance WA reserves the right to claim any loss or damage suffered by Ausdance WA by reason of the breach of the studio guidelines, which sum shall be payable by the studio hirer as a liquidated sum on demand.
  • In addition to recovering any loss or damage from the studio hirer, Ausdance WA may suspend the studio hirer from use of the King Street Arts Centre studios.

Emergency Evacuation Guidelines

  • There is an Emergency Evacuation alarm in the building [bells] automatically activated by the fire detection equipment located throughout the complex.
  • If the alarm activates FESA will automatically attend the building to investigate.
  • There are Emergency Evacuation Procedure Posters throughout the complex. All people [visitors and staff] should make themselves aware of these procedures.
  • There are a number of Emergency Exit Signs fitted throughout the complex indicating the designated emergency exit routes. These routes are to be utilised in the event of the alarm being activated.
  • Any person in the building when the alarm bells activate should immediately leave via the nearest safe emergency exit route and proceed to the footpath outside the Belgian Beer café and await the arrival of FESA. They should report any information they have to the Fire Chief on his arrival.
  • Nobody should re-enter the building until FESA advise it is safe to do so.
  • Should an incident occur during “normal” business hours it is likely Wardens will be present to manage/monitor the evacuation process

Please note that the management of the studios is conducted by AUSDANCE WA on behalf of Culture and the Arts (WA), a division of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. Any queries regarding studio bookings should be directed to Ausdance WA and NOT to other offices located within the King Street Arts Centre. The Ausdance WA offices are open from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

EquipmentStudio 1Studio 2Studio 3 
Floor Space14x11m14x11m14x14m
BarresPortable Built-inPortable
Sound System
Important Information - Studio Access, Security and Hirer Responsibilities

Notes on Security at KSAC

  • During business hours you can enter the building from both Munster Lane and the Murray Street entries. Outside business hours you can only enter from Murray Street.
  • The Murray Street automatic doors close at 7 pm and can only be opened from the inside (using the green button) thereafter. So, if arriving later than 7 pm, someone from your class/group will need to come down to the entry to let you in.
  • A security guard will sweep the building at 9.30pm to make sure it is vacated. Hirers activities should finish at 9 pm and all persons should be out of the building by 9.15 at the latest.
  • Please be mindful of safety later in the evening. It is recommended to leave by the Murray Street exit only and to try to leave in pairs or groups.
  • CCTV is used to monitor and review activity at KSAC.
  • Please also make sure your students/participants do not use the hallways and foyer as a rehearsal or performance space.


When You Arrive at the Studios

  • Studios are on level 2. Opposite the door to Studio 2 (middle studio, at the top of the wooden stairs) is a hallway leading to a kitchenette where you can find the keycard box that contains the access cards.
  • The light switch and key box are on the wall on your left as you enter. You want to access the large key box; the smaller one is not in use.
  • There are clear instructions on the wall next to the key box for how to open it. The Studio Access Code for the key box code is emailed out at the beginning of each month.
  • Find the keycard with your studio number on the back. Sign the key out in the green file. Lock the key box using the same process as when you opened it.
  • Swipe your way into the studio.


In the Studio

  • No food or drink (except pure water) should be consumed in the studios. There is a green room opposite studio 1 for breaks.
  • In Studio 2 make sure no one wears high or hard heels, black rubber or any other marking soles on the tarkett. Tap is not allowed in any KSAC studios.
  • For studios 1 and 2 the lights and air conditioning switches are on your right as you enter, for studio 3 on the left.
  • There are also industrial fans for extra air. Heaters are gas and turned on individually at each unit.
  • The stereo system is on your right as you enter studio 1 and studio 3, at the rear of studio 2.
  • There are instructions for each stereo, but you should not have to change any settings except the main volume knob on the left of the Amplifier (central unit) for studios 1 and 2, or the master volume fader on the desktop mixer in studio 3.
  • There are specific instructions for switching on the system in studio 3, printed and displayed for you to follow.
  • Please keep the doors shut, keep the music volume reasonable and avoid too much yelling/screaming/cheering etc. as unfortunately sound does travel in the building and it can disturb other classes.


Leaving the Studio

  • Please remember to leave the room clean and tidy. Place all rubbish in bins; make sure you tidy up furniture etc. Cleaners are only responsible for emptying the bins nightly and cleaning the floors once a week, not for picking up after hirers.
  • Please turn off the stereo, lights, air conditioning, fans or heaters. Please also make sure the stereo setup is normal and is functioning for the next hirer. If the studio is vacant please lock the door as you leave.
  • Sign the key back in when you return it to the box. If the next hirer takes the key directly from you please ensure you sign it in and they sign it out.
  • Please be aware that there are residential apartments in Munster Lane and do not make noise late at night if leaving through that exit.
  • Do not leave any personal equipment or signage behind, even if you are using the studio regularly. The studios and green room are not intended to be storage spaces.
  • Please return furniture borrowed from the green room or other studios to where it came from.

Please also make sure you read the Studio Guidelines, availble above.

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