Education Program

Ausdance WA is committed to providing professional development and resources to teachers of dance across genres and contexts.


2019 Program Now Released

The 2019 program offers specialist workshops for teachers delivering the dance curriculum in schools, and workshops addressing specific areas of dance practice relevant for teachers in schools, in studios and in community contexts. There are over 70 hours of professional development opportunities available in 2019 across 12 different opportunities. These workshops are highly popular so please get in early to avoid missing out.

Dance for Parkinson's PD Day

Dance for Parkinson’s is a successful training program that guides dance teachers to work comfortably and effectively with the Parkinson’s population. Following several years of running the program, Ausdance WA, in conjunction with Parkinson’s WA, has developed a strong base of Dance for Parkinson’s trained teachers. This professional development workshop will be a productive afternoon of skills development, information, strategies and networking. The afternoon is open to all teachers, volunteers and interested members of the public.

ATAR Set Solo Workshops

In 2019 the Set Solo will see a repeat of the 2017 work choreographed by Kynan Hughes. The ATAR Set Solo workshops for 2019 will be led by experienced dance artist Alex Perrozzi and will provide an opportunity for teachers to re-engage with the work and support the delivery of the content in 2019. The workshop is relevant for secondary school teachers, however independent contemporary dancers and teachers are also welcome

to attend. The workshop is split over a full day intensive and two half day refreshers. Participants are welcome to attend the full day intensive and a half day refresher for an in-depth connection with the work.

Teaching Primary Dance

Creative Moves WA presents this professional learning workshop for Primary School Performing Arts Specialist Teachers and any teacher wanting to incorporate movement into their classroom. No prior dance experience is required to participate in the workshop.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience creative tasks that align with the Dance syllabus from the WA Arts curriculum, network with other Performing Arts specialists, workshop ideas on unit and program creation and delve into the world of assessment.

Dance Development Practical Workshops

Three popular workshops presented by Amy Wiseman all bundled into a single day intensive. Providing an opportunity to further develop skills
in line with the curriculum requirements for teaching dance in secondary schools. Each workshop provides an opportunity for teachers to develop their own practice for successful facilitation with their students.

Choreographic Composition – 8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
This workshop aims to equip teachers with in
depth skills relating to choreographic composition.
Covering a range of tools including composition
skills, choreographic intent in relationship to
movement, movement generation and phrase manipulation, this workshop will provide teachers with clear strategies for the classroom.

Contemporary Technique – 11:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.
The workshop will be structured as a contemporary technique class with adaptations to suit a variety of levels. This will allow teachers to acquire genre specific technique using safe dance practices and improved physical competency.

Structured Improvisation – 1:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.
This session will prepare teachers with improvisational tools and ideas relating to the improvisation component of the curriculum. Exploring choreographic devices and elements of dance for a purpose, the workshop will provide tasks for turning literal movement into abstract choreographic expressions.

Practical Preparation Series

This three part series, devised by acclaimed dance artist Phillippa Clarke, will combine biomechanic principles of the body with improvisation and performance skills. This essential preparation is the only practical workshop Ausdance WA offers for secondary students and teachers combined.

Teachers will have an opportunity to place themselves into the mind and body of the student and experience the rigour of thinking and creativity expected of them. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with teachers and together learn, develop and advance their skills for their future dance practice.

It is advised to take part in all three workshops.

Sunday, 3 March
Lines of Motion: A development of Motif and Space
Develop the kinetic and visual imagination of choreographic devices and creative processes

Sunday, 10 March
Drawing with the Body: An exploration of Energy and Emotions
Devise and perform improvised and choreographed solos that link performance tasks with visual and spoken responses
Sunday, 17 March
Playing with Gravity: An investigation of Momentum and Time
Investigate ways of responding to dance making and performing to deepen understanding of creative processes and performances.

Let's talk about money

Looking for advice and assistance to support your bright idea for a dance project? Then this information session is for you!

Join representatives from Culture and the Arts WA, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, City of Perth, and Creative Partnerships Australia, to offer advice on their funding and sponsorship opportunities and how to access them.
The presenters will ensure you have the very latest information to secure support for your next project.


Dance Knowledge: Part A & B

Explore psychological and biomechanical factors that influence dance in this professional learning opportunity.
This practical course is presented in two parts that each requires an online learning component to be completed before the practical workshop.
Led by West Australian dance scientists Dr Shona Erskine and Dr Luke Hopper, participants will gain an in depth insight into dance from a scientific perspective.

Part A
Perfectionism in Dance: Introduction with Dr Shona Erskine
9:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m. plus three online learning hours.An introduction to the concept of perfectionism for dancers. This course explores the paradox of perfectionism and how perfectionism can be a friend and a foe. Making
clear distinctions between positive and negative perfectionism, this course looks at perfectionistic thinking styles, feelings, and behaviours. By recognising how positive and negative perfectionism impacts dancers differently, learners are guided to consider how perfectionism functions in dance practice.

Part B
Biomechanics: Balance in Dance with Dr Luke Hopper
12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. plus three online learning hours.
Dancers perform amazing feats of balance. These feats are achieved by working in accordance with the laws of physics. This course will introduce the concepts of the
centre of mass, gravity, base of support and the ground reaction force in the context of a balancing dancer. The final chapter of the course concerns the applied concept of postural sway. By completing this course you will gain greater insight into the biomechanics of balance and the strategies that dancers use to maintain control of their bodies in balance movements.

Networking Night I: Marketing in Dance

Successful marketing and public relations are now essential knowledge for all individuals involved with dance. Dance artists are required to successfully market themselves, teachers of dance need to promote their services and even school teachers need to know basic marketing for their school productions. This networking night will feature renowned marketing professional and consultant Georgia Malone. Georgia is the founder and director of Georgia Malone Consulting and has over 20 years of industry experience including working with Sydney Dance Company and Co3 Australia. The night will focus on some foundation skills in marketing and direct attendees to valuable resources in developing their own marketing strategy.

Dance in Country Week

Dance in Country Week is a professional learning opportunity for dance teachers based in regional Western Australia. Teachers accompanying student groups to Dance in Country Week can participate in the program, which includes warm up classes and workshops in contemporary technique, choreography and two cultural dance forms presented by professional dance artists and teachers. In addition, specific professional learning sessions are scheduled, providing a variety of development opportunities to regionally based teachers.
Presented by Act-Belong-Commit and School Sport WA.

Maths Through Movement

This interactive workshop is aimed at generalist K-6 classroom teachers and education assistants. Participants will explore practical activities from the Maths Through Movement program that utilise movement and dance to teach, consolidate and communicate mathematical concepts.
We will cover subject strands such as:
Number and Place Value
Patterns and Algebra
Location and Transformaton
If you’re interested in new ways of making your Maths lessons fun, engaging, active and creative then this is the perfect workshop for you! Presented by Rachael Bott from Creative Moves.No prior dance experience necessary – the workshop utilises simple creative movement.

Networking Night II: Safe Dance

The community has a right to expect our children are safe, especially within the institutions entrusted to protect, educate, care and nurture them. Featuring Guest Presenter James Berlyn, we invite you to join us in delving into the Ausdance National Safe Dance IV Report, focusing on how to establish and maintain a Safe Dance environment and better understand the occurrence and prevention of injuries in dance. Discussions will also touch on the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse and how all institutions that work with children must now commit to honouring these recommendations. Awareness is the first step in ensuring the protection of dancers of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to the Education Program offered by Ausdance WA? The below common questions may help answer your query. 

I am not sure if the workshop is right for me?

Workshops are generally open to anyone interested. However if you are unsure, please contact Charlotte Martin, Projects Manager of Ausdance WA to clarify.
+61 8 9322 6101

I am a highschool ATAR/General Dance Student. What workshop is best for me?

ATAR Set Solo is open to teachers of dance only. If you are a student the Practical Preparation Series and Dance Knowledge: Part A & B are both open for you. The Practical Preparation Series even offers a Student discounted price of just $61.00!

I don’t have ATAR Dance Students, what PD opportunity would suit me?

That is no worries at all! With the exception of ATAR Set Solo none of the Education Program content is specific to ATAR Teachers. We welcome General Dance Teachers, Independents and Studio Teachers. We would recommend considering the Practical Preparation SeriesDance Knowledge: Part A & B and the Dance Development Practical Workshops.

I am brand new to teaching Dance. What resources are available to me?

We have a whole page dedicated to Dance Resources! Follow this link to access everyone that is on offer.